jueves, 20 de enero de 2011

Art and Soul by artist Ellie Kane

“I celebrate spirit when creating my art”

Contemporary in context, my work is created at my core. My paintings come into being as I interpret thoughts, dreams and emotions on paper or canvas. My art is influenced by a rapport with the Self, and infused by my palette.

Guided by an inner flow, and working intuitively, I deeply enjoy the process of bringing my paintings to life, as I endeavor to express the unknown, the mystical and the unexpected in my artwork.

As an artist, I have approached my path with an open heart and profound gratitude for this spellbinding journey.


From Within, Acrylic/mixed media (Click image to enlarge)

Unchained, Acrylic/mixed media (Click image to enlarge)

Written in Stone, Acrylic/mixed media (Click image to enlarge)

Ellie Kane was born in Cuba and currently resides in Coral Gables, Florida.

From a young age she knew what her mission would be; as drawing, painting, writing and dance took center stage in her endeavors. In the year 2000, she found herself in a highly fulfilling phase of her artistic life—deeply immersed in finding her true essence… and her creativity took flight. Her paintings depict movement, bold colors, energy and gusto.

Kane has studied under watercolorist, David Maddern; and specialized in oils and acrylics with the guidance of well-known Chilean artist, Jaime Ferrer. She has participated in various programs by author/artist, Laura Cerwinske; and portrait drawing with Yugoslavian artist, Silvius Krecu. Ellie has been involved in workshops by Cuban artists, Baruj Salinas and Yovani Bauta; as well as intensive courses in Contemporary Art by Dr. Milagros Bello, Curator/Professor; and has researched distinctive painting techniques under Cuban artist Julio Figueroa-Beltran

Her painting, “Only You”, was chosen to appear in Living Artists, 14th Edition, 2005; and “Danza Gitana-Crazy Mary”, was featured on invitations/programs at “Voice from Within” musical in 2005. In December, 2007, Ellie and two of her Faces and Attitudes Series paintings were highlighted on 100 Contemporary International Artists. Ellie was invited to exhibit and participate in the round table discussion at Latin Views, 2008 in Groton, Connecticut.

Passionate when depicting her soul, Ellie pours her Self onto the canvas, creating vivid and intense paintings. Describing her art as “perceptions and revelations”, Ellie reflects her dance of life—poetry serenading her inner world—into the captivating language of an artist’s brush stroke.

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  1. Inspiring work Ellie, I loved the concept of seeing the Self behind all we are and do… best wishes for you!